Common culture shock in Vietnam

The need of understanding culture

Getting culture shock is a common problem, especially when travelling to another country. From Myanmar vacation packages to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia tours, there are high chance that percentage that travelers will feel culture shock.

Vietnam is recently becoming a hotspot with travelers from all over the world. It attracts thousand of tourist coming here on their vacation every year. But how to prevent culture shock in Vietnam? If you are preparing for a package holiday to Vietnam, this article is for you!


Lack of privacy

In Vietnam, you might be bothered by the sound of karaoke from your neighbor, the barking dog coming from nowhere and the laugh from upstair. Vietnamese people might use your stuff without permission.

If you have become friend of a Vietnamese, they might greet you this way: “You look fat today. Are you gaining weight?”

They do not seem to care about privacy problem much.

Common culture shock in Vietnam

Common culture shock in Vietnam


Image you have to cross the road while thousand of vehicles are coming and do not show any sight that they will stop to let you go… It is quite challenging, right? Do not get shock, it is a common scene in Vietnam.

Potholes appear everywhere. Vehicles could come from any direction. Traffic jam is of daily occurrence. Sometime driver forget to follow the rule. That is how traffic in Vietnam is.


Assistance is not applied to strangers

Vietnamse people are very supportive of one another. They are willing to help their friends and families in the event of difficulties. However, it is hard to explain why sometimes in case of traffic accidents, people just stop to watch without helping the injured or calling the ambulance. “While Vietnam is making every effort to familiarise itself with globalisation, Vietnamse people should help one another before contributing to the world. This should begin from the very simple action”.

Gender equality still a chronic problem

Whereas it is very common for both men and women hang out in pubs in a majority of countries, in Vietnam girls entering such places is considered a bad thing. If you see girls there, they must be watresses. Smoking, drinking, coming home late at night….which are usually done by men are considered unacceptable for women.

One time, my friend conducted an experiment. He invited Vietnamese women to do some normal habits of men. He offered them a cigarette and saw the reaction of other people. One person disapproved “Why do you offer Vietnamse women cigarette, especially those whose are wearing traditional dress?”, explaining that “ Vietnamese women, no matter what kind of clothes they are wearing are not allowed to smoke”

This opinion is different from other countries where people believe that smoking is the freedom of both men and women as long as they do not smoke in places where smoking is prohibited.

How to overcome culture shock in Vietnam

Despite the above mentioned facts, some visitors appear to be optimistic. Living in Vietnam for a certain number of years, they learn the way to adjust themselves and have their own happines.

Others choose to travel to the outskirts as a way of escaping from hustle and bustle life. They also attempt to study Vietnamese, make friends and join daily life of Vietnamse families.

They believe in positive characteristics of Vietnamese people such as patriotism, hospitality, honesty and willingness to learn.

However, success in communication requires effort from both sides. That we are trying to help foreigners familiarise with our lifestyle means that we are kind and hospitable and that our country has a diversified culture. Vietnam is on the way of globalisation and always welcome new people, new way of thinking and new culture from all over the world.


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