The reason why I love Vietnam tour

1. Street food

Lots of magazines have complimented this S-shaped country on its yummy street food.It doesn’t need complex cooking technique to make a tasty food, paradoxically the technique to cook street food is amazingly simple and easy. Generally it requires 1-2 minutes to make a perfect meal.It is extremely starling that the technique to cook street food in Vietnam is extremely simple, still the quality is great.Traveling along Vietnamese road, you will bump into street food stalls all around you.Eating Vietnamses cuisine on cheap stools in the streets of Vietnam is the most interesting approach to know more relating to everyday living in Vietnam.

2. Cross the road
Passing the highway in Vietnam is not as simple as in American countries.As a consequence of the wide-using of motorbike, the roads in Vietnam is full of two-wheel motor bikes that could hardly anticipate their direction.The hint to go across the streets in Vietnam should be to steadily walk through the stream of motor vehicles. You should not suddenly run through the traffict, it is actually dangerous.The traffict definitely will move around you, because of this don’t get worried to muchI am fond of the feeling when I have successfully reach the opposite side of the highway. It makes me feel I have received victory in some challenging game!

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3. Coffee
This S-shaped country is the number two leading source of coffee in the entire world.The taste of coffee in Vietnam is extremely strong and fragrant.Vietnamese usually blend sweeten condense milk to this type of drink to turn it to be much more flavoury.It is Trung Nguyen company that offers the most incredible coffee drink in Vietnam.It’s great to relax in the coffee shop of Vietnam, drinking a hot cup of coffee while looking at the daily life of local residents.

4. Halong bay
In Quang Ning, Halong, which means “descending dragon”, is a must-go destination for every Vietnam trip packages.Halong is indeed beautiful and even well-preserved that it is identified to be considered to be one of a herritage site in the world.I bet that the amazing sight in Halong could make you surprised with shocking.Mother Nature has favoured Halong Bay with tons of towering limestone islands, that is covered by rain forests in the summit, combined with pure water with color as green as emerald.You would be dazzled by the number of shapes of those limestone karsts and isles.Owing to Halong bay is normally full of vacationers, it is advisable to escape from public holiday together with high time in case you are arriving there.

5. City parks
The park area in Vietnam is energetic with lots of people together with a massive amount of fun activities.One of the habits of Vietnamese is taking exercises and dance together in the park. It is very entertaining anyway.Quite a few feet away, a number of small group of people is walking or even running around the local park.Because of these types of collective activities, Vietnamese people are fairly solidary.If you want to take part in, just join them, the more the merrier according to Vietnamese.

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